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Facilities Advisors has been preparing reserve studies since 1982! We are constantly evolving to best meet your Association and management needs.

Our pillars of service:

  • Competitive fees
  • Responsiveness
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Internet-based software available to our clients

We are preparing reserve studies for the association, by the association. We aim to provide professional guidance in meeting your funding goals.  Call, email or fill out the form below for a free, no obligation proposal for your community!

Initial or Updated Reserve Study with On-Site Analysis

We perform a complete on-site analysis of your common area assets, obtaining or verifying quantities. While gathering data, we are closely observing the current condition of your assets and creating a database of community asset photos. This data is then translated into information for your community funding decisions.

Update without on-site analysis:

This level of service is considered a financial analysis and update. The main purpose is to use your current reserve contribution and current reserve account balance to recalculate your current cash flow situation. Additionally, we will update your asset list to reflect current Useful Life and Remaining Life estimates. This level of service requires that you have an existing reserve study that is less than 5 years old (most cases).

Reserve Management Plan-
Prepared for the association, by the association using our unique expertise. We provide you with a professionally prepared reserve study, however, we try to tailor the report to meet your association’s unique funding and maintenance goals. We find that most associations appreciate the fact that our reserve study is not written as a prescription but as a guideline for financial success. Facilities Advisors is the only provider offering this service. Call today to learn more.

Client Use Reserve Study Software-
This is not a knock-off, spreadsheet version of reserve study software. We give you access to the same software we use to prepare your report. This is especially useful for large-scale communities and very active boards of directors. We offer this service at no charge for the first year of an initial study or reserve study update. Call today for more information.

Meeting Attendance-
Dallas/Fort Worth area associations can benefit from the fact that we’re local! We can often attend board meetings in order to help the association understand and interpret the information in their new reserve study provided by Facilities Advisors Texas.

Conference calls/screen share meetings-
These are always free of charge, nationwide. If you need us to join your association meeting via phone or web, our goal is to help you succeed, put us on your agenda!

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